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Vhizle is an all-in-one digital solution designed to streamline sports management and inspire passion for sports in schools, universities, and other organizations.

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Revolutionizing Sports Management
Redefining Fan Engagement

Vhizle is a comprehensive platform designed for schools, universities, and sports organizations, offering a seamless management system for their sporting activities. It empowers coaches to shape their athletes and enhance their skills, unlocking their full potential. Ultimately fostering a strong sense of sportsmanship and community.

Streamline Sports Management

Effortlessly manage sports programs and stay in touch with both players and parents. Convenience and efficiency delivered through Vhizle, will help your team to focus on what truly matters: the players and the game.

Performance Tracking

Ignite the flames of competitiveness and drive players towards reaching their peak potential. With Vhizle, athletes will be empowered to track their goals and statistics taking their skills to new heights.

Energize your Fans

Unlock the true power of fan passion with Vhizle. Let them engage with their favorite teams and players and show their love for the game like never before.

Athletic Directors,
League Managers, Coaches and Trainers

  • Unified platform for multitasking and efficient management.
  • Seamless interaction with players, parents, and coaches using integrated communication tools.
  • Effortless manage facilities and promote coaching clinics.
  • Access to valuable tools for player stats, game statistics, and performance analysis.
  • Smooth scheduling and management of tournaments, games, practices, and events.
  • Sharing safety tips to prevent potential hazards for players.
  • Monetization of content through integrated online store.
  • Easy management of multiple sports and facilities.


  • Create individual profiles, track goals, and statistics for performance improvement.
  • Handle digital content such as game videos, off-season activities, photos, and additional media.
  • Obtain reliable sports insights like camps, training programs, and workouts.
  • Seamless interaction with coaches, trainers and league administrators using integrated communication tools.
  • Share health data from wearables and acquire safety guidelines for overall wellness.
  • Develop a personal brand, establishing connections with fans and potential sponsors.
  • Utilize Name, Image, and Likeness (N.I.L.) for endorsing monetized content.


  • Stay up to date with your child’s game schedules and statistics, seamlessly syncing with personal calendars.
  • Monitor your child’s progress through thorough statistical analysis and performance trends.
  • Seamless interaction with coaches, trainers and league administrators using integrated communication tools.
  • Receive prompt notifications and information about games or events.

Sports Social Media and Fan Engagement

  • Athletes have the ability to share highlights, statistics, and accomplishments with their followers.
  • Fans can actively engage with athletes, teams, and sports organizations by following and cheering for them, comment on their posts, and share content.
  • Athletic directors, league managers, coaches, and trainers have the platform to announce and promote events.
  • Integrate Vhizle with leading social media platforms for expanding event visibility, boosting fan involvement, and broadening outreach.

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